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FREE Resources for Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers

We get it! Running a Service/Client Business can be a) hard work b) expensive and c) overwhelming so we've created a number of resources for you which are FREE to access, and will help to move your Coaching Practice along.

Fearless Business Quiz

Fearless Business Quiz

Diagnostic tool to see if you're ready to put your prices up.

Take Your Shot - Robin Waite

Take Your Shot

Apply for a FREE copy of best selling business book, Take Your Shot - How to Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients and Make More Money.

The VIPER Lead Flow Framework

The VIPER Lead Flow Framework

I just created a brand NEW guide explaining the methodology I use to teach my clients on how to increase lead flow for their Coaching Business.

Fearless Business Masterclass

FREE Masterclass

Free 27-minute long masterclass on Productising Services, Pricing and Lead Flow!

Marketing Machine Book - Robin Waite

Marketing Machine

FREE PDF Download: "The 7 Closely Guarded Business Marketing Secrets"

The MVT Pricing Framework

MVT Pricing Framework

A simple 2-page guide explaining why most Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers struggle to price their services correctly.

The 10 Things Every Business Needs

10 Things Every Business Needs

A 10 part short course outlining ten very important things every coach, consultant and freelance business (owner) needs!

The Daily Marketing Checklist

The Daily Marketing Checklist

50 marketing activities to choose from each day - it's what we use to get 5-10 qualified calls booked each week in Fearless Business!